Another Great Seattle Seminar

International Foot & Ankle Foundation

This past weekend at Swedish Medical Center, I had opportunity to attend a continuing medical education conference hosted by the International Foot and Ankle Foundation.  This “Seattle Summer Seminar” attracts some of the foremost physicians and surgeons of the foot and ankle, who speak on a wide range of topics, from simple, conservative, medical, to complex and surgical topics.  It is both a great chance for me to learn, as well as an opportunity to catch up with fellow colleagues and friends involved in the Swedish Podiatric Surgical Residency Program, my alma mater.  Highlights this year included some new technique pearls on bunion surgery which I think will enhance my patients’ surgical treatment, but also a great non-surgical talk by Dr. Christopher Segler, who is both a podiatrist and runner/triathlete, who had some excellent insight on the barefoot/minimal shoe trend.  The barefoot/minimal shoe trend has been a popular topic over the last few years, fueled by the book “Born to Run”, by Christopher McDougall.  As a podiatrist, I have read this book and have had many interesting conversations with patients who are wearing or would like to wear a minimal shoe or go barefoot.  While I do have my general medical advice and cautions about making such a transition, I have never worn a barefoot shoe myself.   As I am writing this post, my “wheels” are turning in my head, forming the framework of a little experiment to take place over the next few months, in which I am the test subject…stay tuned!