Custom Orthotics

Foot illustration with orthodic

Whether you enjoy leisurely walks around Bellevue’s Downtown Park, running the Lake to Lake Trail, or simply enjoy spending your free time being active with your friends and family; your feet are integral to doing all the funs things you want to do in life.  A strong foundation is an essential first step to enjoying freedom from foot pain. Often times a simple arch support will suffice for minor aches and pains. However, many of our patients prefer the use of custom orthotic inserts as they provide overall superior benefits that simple arch supports do not provide.

What is the purpose of Orthotic Therapy?

The goal of orthotic therapy is to control abnormal foot mechanics which can lead to overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis and tendonitis, as well as structural deformities such as bunions or hammertoes.  When an over-the-counter orthotic, commonly called an “arch support”, does not provide relief, a custom orthotic may be recommended and is often covered by health insurance.

Are All Orthotics Created Equally?

Simply put, no. Custom orthotics are a prescription medical device which must be properly casted and designed by a foot and ankle specialist for maximum benefit.  Dr. Jennifer Saam and Dr. Midori Higashi personally cast your feet in our office and do not rely on assistants for this, knowing how critical this step is in order to make the best device.  Our preferred orthotic laboratories are Northwest Podiatric Laboratory, Inc., located close to Seattle in Blaine, Washington, and Integrity Orthotics, located in Arlington, Washington.  Both are industry leaders in the Pacific Northwest in the crafting of custom orthoses.