feet of family in grassDr. Jennifer Saam and Dr. Midori Higashi know how critical it is to make a visit to a new doctor as stress-free as possible.  Our doctors will address your child by name and make a point of involving them in the examination and treatment plan.  With children, gentle conservative care is the goal.  The majority of the time, all necessary treatment can be provided in our office.

Common issues that we see include painful flat feet, heel pain, pediatric bunions, warts, ingrown toenails, and fungus.

Many children are becoming athletically involved at progressively younger ages. Both Dr. Saam and Dr. Higashi have been athletes throughout their lives, and understand the importance of exercise for a child’s emotional and physical health.  While it’s a great way to expose your children to social interaction and increase their interest level in physical activity, it is also when overuse injuries and structural problems tend to develop or become apparent in children.

Whether your child runs for the Rain City Flyers, plays second base in the Bellevue East Little League or plays midfield in the Bellevue Youth Lacrosse League, it’s important to pay attention to what your children’s feet are telling them and to treat the cause as well as the symptoms so they can be healthy, safe and most importantly have fun!  If your child has been experiencing foot or ankle pain, and it does not seem to be improving with a little rest, ice, and TLC, please call Bellevue Podiatry for a professional evaluation.