Springtime in Bellevue

What a great week for getting outside!  With a bluebird sky and temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s, I’m not surprised to see walkers, runners, and cyclists out and about in downtown Bellevue on my lunch break.  This is the special time in the Pacific Northwest when you can have a balmy Spring day in your neighborhood, but still take a quick drive up to your favorite mountain pass for some extended-season skiing or snowshoeing!

At Bellevue Podiatry, I have seen a rise in the number of patients coming in for various complaints, directly related to this increase in exercise and lifestyle demands put on their feet.  To keep active, be sure to wear a properly-fitting shoe and to ease into any new type of fitness gradually.  This will give your body time to re-condition after long rainy winter, hopefully avoiding overuse strain.  A good pair of shoes or orthotics can make a big difference, but training errors are often just as much at fault when athletes develop injuries.  Avoid the “too much, too fast, too soon” injury triad for your best chance at continuing your activity.

For any shoe or running-related questions, Super Jock ‘n Jill has a regular rotating “medical night”, where local medical practitioners and store shoe-fitting experts are available at 6:30pm, for casual and free advice.  I am honored to be the featured podiatrist in the new Redmond store, and will be there on Wednesday, April 20, so feel free to stop by!