A Big Thank You To Overlake Hospital for a Successful “Active Senior” Fair in Bellevue

Bellevue Podiatry is proud to have been a part of the hugely successful Active Senior Fair at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue last weekend.  This annual event is organized by Overlake Senior Care, and features over 60 exhibitors, numerous lectures from Overlake specialists, free health screenings, as well as food and live entertainment.  Both Dr. Stephanie Kim and I performed free foot health screenings to over 100 participants throughout an amazingly busy day.  We were able to give advice on topics ranging from bunions and hammertoes to concerns about PAD (peripheral arterial disease) and diabetes.  It is so rewarding to interact with people who are being proactive about their health, and who come prepared with questions on how to keep their feet and bodies healthy.  Look for us next year!!  -Dr. Jennifer Saam