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What is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail fungus is the most common disease of the nails, accounting for about 30% of nail infections. Toenail fungus is more likely to occur in people under a variety of circumstances, including those who have had: Nail trauma, a depressed immune system, such as after chemotherapy, HIV infection, or certain immunosuppressant medications, diabetes mellitus (as many […]

A Big Thank You To Overlake Hospital for a Successful “Active Senior” Fair in Bellevue

Bellevue Podiatry is proud to have been a part of the hugely successful Active Senior Fair at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue last weekend.  This annual event is organized by Overlake Senior Care, and features over 60 exhibitors, numerous lectures from Overlake specialists, free health screenings, as well as food and live entertainment.  Both Dr. Stephanie […]

Running Towards Spring…

As I sit at my kitchen counter, cozied up to a nice big cup of coffee on a snowy Saturday morning, I find myself thinking ahead to Springtime.  True, it is March 17 and there is an abundance of heavy, wet snow coming down on the back lawn, but I can’t help it.  Spring has […]

Look for Bellevue Podiatry at the upcoming “Living Healthy with Diabetes” Fair at Overlake Hospital

Bellevue Podiatry will be one of the medical vendors at the upcoming “Living Healthy with Diabetes” Fair at Overlake Hospital on Saturday, November 5, from 8:30am to 2pm.  This exciting event will give patients with diabetes, as well as their family and friends, a chance to learn more about keeping themselves healthy.  It is also […]

Reebok to pay $25 million in customer refunds over toning shoe claims

In an article published today in the Seattle Times, Reebok International Ltd., which is owned by Adidas, has been ordered to return $25 million to consumers over reported false advertising with its’ toning shoes, which include “EasyTone”, “RunTone” as well as several types of flip-flops and clothing. So-called “toning” shoes, which have been available for […]

Summer Running Shoe Guide

Has the fantastic weather this past weekend in the Seattle/Bellevue area made you feel like dusting off your trusty pair of running shoes and heading for the local park?  (Quick-  before it rains again…)  If so, great!  Running and walking are two of the most convenient, inexpensive, and portable ways of keeping fit. In addition […]