Summer Running Shoe Guide

Has the fantastic weather this past weekend in the Seattle/Bellevue area made you feel like dusting off your trusty pair of running shoes and heading for the local park?  (Quick-  before it rains again…)  If so, great!  Running and walking are two of the most convenient, inexpensive, and portable ways of keeping fit.

In addition to wearing supportive shoes, it is recommended that you put no more than 300-500 miles on each pair.  For example, if you walk or run three miles per day, you should replace your shoes in the range of every three to five months.

A great initial resource for your shoe search is a quarterly running shoe review published by Runner’s World magazine.  Their Summer 2011 Running Shoe Guide is now available.  If you aren’t sure what foot type you have, or if you have recently suffered from foot and ankle problems, see your podiatrist for guidance.